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    Bug #5 The End

    Cause: Enter "The End" Dimension, no Dragon when openly admitted that the mob would have spawned between 12-24 Hrs of Real world time #--- Effect: "Fixing" the dragon to spawn between 12-24 Hrs of Real world time had made it IMPOSSIBLE to combat the dragon for it cannot spawn as originally...
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    Accepted Jonnykill70's Beta Reward Form

    User name: Jonnykill70 In Game Name: Jonnykill70 Minecraft UUID: c7dd45f8-dc50-41b8-9a20-4b67f76edc60 Screenshot of your scoreboard:
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    Bug #4 McMMO: Woodcutting

    Guess I could ÷ by 0 if you wanted that error message. :p
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    Bug #4 McMMO: Woodcutting

    Error message never showed up, it just broke the 1 block and did nothing except dropped the 1 block I hit. The trees were all standard size.
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    Bug #4 McMMO: Woodcutting

    Cause: Right-click & then left click on the base of a tree with an axe to activate "Tree-Feller" to knock the whole tree down. #--- Effect: Tree is not broken, you can break the block during the "Tree-Feller" special ability but it will not chop the whole tree down # This was tested on Acacia...
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    Bug #3 /buy

    Cause: /buy would normally open a menu where you could be taken to the website after selecting/browsing options in-game. #--- Effect: /buy does not open when the command is inputted via in-game. #--- Idea: Might be disabled while in BETA for 3.0. # Command is unknown to the server
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    Bug #2 "Sidebar" on the right side of screen

    Cause: McMMO level up and or board for the plugin in general. #--- Effect: The primary sidebar prevents McMMO from showing up during level up and when trying to access the McMMO with commands. #--- Idea: This has happened in the previous server, the 2.0 I guess we call it. I think it was fixed...
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    Bug #1 involving /rtp

    Cause: /rtp # Randomly teleport player into the wilderness Effect: "Block breaking out of sync!" - As said by the server when it boots me out for supposed cheating and or lag. # Unable to leave the location to go anywhere else, manually needs to travel out of the 3000 blocks of Spawn to create...
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    Introducing Me~

    Chicken is beautiful, the bird, the meat, and the personalities they grow up and get. There are absolutely no religions to my knowledge that says you cannot have chicken, so that is what makes it so amazing. Oh, and I don't know you so I wouldn't know any better. Sorry, lol.
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    Introducing Me~

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    Who am I?

    Jonnykill70, Jonny, Pip, Mr. Zombie Those had been names I had used while being in the discord of this server. My IGN: Jonnykill70 - I had only been banned once, a major harasser in the past, a warmonger when I was with someone named Rebel, still into conflict but not as much as I once was. -...