Introducing Me~


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Greetings and salutations! My name is Minnie, and there's not a lot of interesting things to say about me.

  • I'm the proud girlfriend of @Adzel_Firestar (you probably haven't heard of him, though. Definitely not.)
  • I really like spaghetti. You could probably bribe me to do almost anything with spaghetti.
  • I'm a huge fan of llamas.. and that does not exclude minecraft llamas. I like creating farms for them.
  • I'm really into Heathers, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Creepypasta, etc.. the list just goes on and on. Proud fangirl here.
  • You can make me cry with the g-note. Don't try it, though. After I get done falling to the floor and scream crying, you will be toast.
  • Anyone can approach me, I'm willing to pick up any conversation and meet anyone. Honestly, just send me a message like, "my chicken nuggets are yummy" and I'd just continue talking to you about your chicken nuggets.
  • I love roleplay, writing, and drawing.

Hope to see you all around~ Thanks and farewell!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Emo
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@Jonnykill70 - Those are pretty chicken. Do you like chicken? It's a very delicious photo, why would you do this to me right before lunch?


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Chicken is beautiful, the bird, the meat, and the personalities they grow up and get. There are absolutely no religions to my knowledge that says you cannot have chicken, so that is what makes it so amazing.

Oh, and I don't know you so I wouldn't know any better. Sorry, lol.