Accepted Missmoony12's Staff Application


Your Friendly Neighborhood Emo
Staff member
User name: mxnnie

In Game Name: Missmoony12

Age: 17

Discord Username: мxnnιe мooѕe#3479

Do you have a working mic? Yes

How much time can you dedicate each week? (Estimate) Minus a few hours dedicated to schoolwork and eating, I have a decent chunk of my afternoon and night open. Most likely, I could give hours - anywhere from 2pm until when I go to bed at 1am, a few hours consumed in the middle for supper. Then, on weekends, I'm usually free anytime of the day since I'm a hermit and I rarely leave the shell that is my house.

Why would you be a good part of our staff team? -> Hardworking: When I become dedicated to something, I usually pour my whole heart into it. I become very insistent on doing my best and going above the expected.

-> Good Morals: I feel as though this is an overlooked, but incredibly important aspect of social interaction. Being able to decipher right from wrong is a necessity when being a staff member, and I can firmly reassure you that I have the ability to do so.

-> Team Member: There is no "I" in Team, a phrase that may be slightly overused, but it's still completely valid. Ever since I was a young child, I've been a part of many teams - soccer team, basketball team, dance group, etc -, so I've grown up knowing the importance of working together. As a staff team, we have to work together, and I'm fully aware of such, and want to follow so proudly.

-> Familiar with Minecraft: Considering the fact that this is a Minecraft server, an important aspect of being a staff member is being familiar with the game itself. I can confidently say I've played the game for years, I've been a part of many servers, and I keep up to date with the varying updates Mojang releases.

-> Friendly: In order for the server to grow, members must feel like they're at home and have fun in it. I will put my best foot forward and do everything in my ability to greet new members and make them feel welcomed. Any questions that they might have will be answered with a friendly demeanor.

Do you have previous experience with staffing a server? I have not had any prior experience with staffing a Minecraft server, although I have been in the community of a few different ones. On another website, Ovipets, I have been admin in a few different groups - in charge of creating games on forums, and welcoming members to it, as well as monitoring to make sure there aren't any troublemakers.

Agreement: We do not allow our staff to be a staff member of other servers. Do you agree that this will be the only server you will be staffed on? If we do find out that you are indeed staffed elsewhere, you will be terminated. Yes

Agreement: I agree that as the staff of DC Towny, I will not leak any new features, builds, or staff related info to the general public. If I release any info to the public, I will be terminated immediately. Friends or significant others count for this as well. I will not tell anyone about anything that is not already public knowledge. Yes