Welcome to Vona


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~Welcome to Vona~
Now Recruiting!

Town Rules:
1) Grief of any and all kinds will not be tolerated.
2) Excessive harassment will not be tolerated.
3) Please build all builds medieval or semi-medieval.
4) No trespassing (A.K.A. Entering without permission).
5) Any personal farms should have artistic style.
6) Do not leave vehicles of any kind lying around.
7) Do not build in the wilderness right outside of town.
8) Normal server chat rules apply in town chat.

Thanks for reading this post! Vona is now recruiting town members.
Town members have a residency plot limit of two, both of which have to be connected.
Town members who refer other members, and those members stay for at least two weeks, will be rewarded.

Facts About Vona:
1) Vona's namesake is of AbsorbedHallow's first town.
2) Vona is being built similarly to the original Vona.
3) Vona's mascot (of sorts) is the parrot.


A small savanna town caressed by a plateau, facing the sea.


Medieval in style, modern at heart.


Welcome to Vona.